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  • Negotiated Favorable Resolutions to Environmental and Regulatory Notices of Violation and concerns in air, water, hazardous wastes, FIFRA, transportation, OSHA and other regulatory programs.
  • Legal Advice for and review of well received and risk managed Corporate Sustainability Reporting.
  • Expert Witness Experience Achieving Client Goals.
  • Provided Legal and Regulatory Counsel to support development of enhanced Internal Compliance Programs, i.e. formal and informal environmental and EHS audit processes.
  • Championed Environmental Sustainability efforts, demonstrating Organizational Benefits with education, metrics and collaborative relationships both internally and externally.
  • Negotiated successful Resolutions of Disputes where all parties, including Environmental Agencies, have suggested it could not be resolved short of litigation.
  • Provided successful Strategic Environmental Legal Advice to Business and other organizations.
  • Enhanced Credibility of client organizations with other stakeholders, then advising follow-up actions by client to achieve full compliance with all commitments.
  • Member of Sustainability Council and organizational Boards of Directors providing independent advice and perspective.